Instant 15-minute loan
to your account

Money in 15 minutes
in your account
Amount from € 50 to € 300
Amount over 100 € is available from the 2nd loan
Period from 10 to 30 days
Last payment date August 30, 2021
Total amount: € 100
About us

Max.Credit is a high-tech online loan service

Our mission is to make money receiving process fast and affordable

Max.Credit is one of the most innovative companies in the lending market
  • How to apply for a loan
  • How to pay off a loan
Apply for a loan
You need only DNI/NIE and bank account to get a loan
Get an approval
High percentage of approvals, Decision-making in 15 minutes
Get your money
Receive money to your bank account instantly
Via card
Аny card of any bank
Via personal account
Payment from the personal account of the website
Via bank transfer
Transfer money from any bank account
Frequently asked questions
What are the requirements for a borrower?
How can I apply for a loan?
I haven’t received the SMS verification code. What should I do?
I have made a mistake in the application form. How can I change it?
Has my application been approved?
How can I cancel the application?
How can I refuse to take the loan after receiving the approval?
Why haven’t I received the money to my bank account?
How to cancel the request?
How to refuse a received loan?
The money was not credited to the bank account, what's the matter?
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